Alpha Resins LLC

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Alpha Resins produces consumables for the metal casting industry.

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Performance Improvement Awards

  • 2015 Silver Award – Resource Management and Waste Minimization
  • 2015 Sustainability Award
  • 2014 Silver Award – Resource Management and Waste Minimization
  • 2013 Bronze Award
  • 2013 Sustainability Award


  • Sands, chemical resin systems, resin-coated sand, and refractory coatings
  • Fairmount Foundry Products dependably delivers a full range of premium products including: Lake Sand, High-Purity Silica, High-Purity Gravel, Resin-Coated Sands, High-Performance Resin Systems, High-Quality Refractory Coatings,

SOCMA Member Plant(s)

  • Detroit, MI Plant , Detroit , Michigan , United States

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