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Yamasa is a leading manufacturer of APIs and intermediates related to Nucleic acids.  Yamasa was founded in 1645 as a manufacturer of soy sauce and is now known worldwide as a leading soy sauce company with a top quality.  In 1976, Yamasa committed to the life industry.  Since then Yamasa has played an important role in sustaining research and industrialization of nucleic acids.  In the field of nucleic acids, Yamasa has the reputation of top class company in the world for the supply capability, the productive technique, and the quality management.

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  • Nucleotides
  • Ribo-, Arabino-Nucleosides
  • Nucleosides Di-, Tri-phosphates (NDP, NTP)
  • Deoxynucleosides Triphosphates (dNTP)
  • Cyclic Nucleotides
  • Polynucleotides
  • Sugar Nucleotides

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