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For over 50 years, Waters Corporation has provided business advantages for laboratory-dependent organizations by delivering practical and sustainable scientific innovation to enable significant advancements in such areas as healthcare delivery, environmental management, food safety, water quality, consumer products, and high value-added chemicals.

Bringing keen understanding and deep experience to those responsible for laboratory infrastructure and performance, Waters helps customers make profound discoveries, optimize lab operations, deliver product performance, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Pioneering a connected portfolio of separation and analytical science, laboratory informatics, and mass spectrometry, Waters’ technology breakthroughs and laboratory solutions provide an enduring platform for customer success.

Chemical Materials Business Operations

Waters comprehensive solutions for the characterization of chemical materials help manufacturers cost-effectively accelerate the development of new products, improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes, and ensure final product quality. Solutions include sample preparation, LC columns, chromatography, mass spectrometry, and data analysis software.

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Industries / Markets Served

  • Chemical
  • Clinical
  • Environmental
  • Food / Beverage
  • Forensics
  • Life Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Brands - ACQUITY UPLC, SYNAPT, Xevo, AutoBlend Plus Technology Auto
  • Chromatography Consumables & Columns - Analytical & Preparative Columns, UPC2, UPLC and HPLC Columns, ACQUITY UPC2 Columns, Analytical Standards and Reagents , Sample Preparation Products, BioSeparation Products and Columns, nanoACQUITY UPLC Columns, SFAC Columns, Vials, Plates, and Certified Containers, Kits, Laboratory Filters, GPC & SEC columns, , Accessories
  • Informatics & Software - Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software, Paradigm Scientific Search Software, MassLynx Mass Spectrometry Software, NuGenesis 8 Featuring LE Technologies
  • Instruments & Systems - Convergence Chromatography, ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography System, LC Purification, UPLC, HPLC, Mass Spectrometry, Purification, Supercritical Fluid Chromatography, Supercritical Fluid Systems, Chromatography Systems

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