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Materia is a revolutionary catalyst technology company that enables the chemical transformation of key conventional and bio-based feedstocks, creating better, greener and more cost-competitive processes and products.

Materia has successfully commercialized the Nobel Prize-winning olefin metathesis catalyst technology discovered at Caltech by Professor Robert H. Grubbs. The Grubbs Catalyst™ technology is a Ruthenium-based chemical catalyst system that can unlock value for almost any olefin-based business. Compared with traditional processes, Grubbs Catalyst products typically offer dramatic reductions in the number of manufacturing steps, amounts of byproducts, and the quantities of solvents and waste, thereby significantly lowering capital and operating costs.

The Grubbs Catalyst systems are the first breakthrough catalyst technology in decades and unlike traditional catalysts, have broad applicability across the entire chemical industry. The Materia catalysts have been used by 60% of the world’s 50 largest chemical companies and 80% of the world’s 50 largest pharmaceutical companies, and have been further validated through partnerships with global industry leaders such as BASF, Lanxess, and Merck.

The proven Materia technology platform is protected by a strong IP portfolio consisting of over 350 issued and pending patents and the Company maintains excellent working relationships with its University partners and scientific advisors including its founding scientist and Nobel Laureate, Professor Grubbs.

The groundbreaking Materia catalysts are behind the world’s largest bio-refinery, replacing hundreds of millions of pounds of petroleum-based fuels and chemicals with renewable alternatives. Our advanced catalyst-enabled resins are helping the wind, automotive and oil & gas industries as well as the broader composites industry produce lighter, more durable and greener products.

The transformative Materia catalysts and resins are poised to help a broad range of industries create and manufacture novel materials that are more efficient, cleaner and less expensive than ever before.


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  • Materia Inc. - Huntsville Plant , Huntsville , Texas , United States

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