Gabriel Performance Products LLC

Company Description


Gabriel's 40 acre plant site is presently used to manufacture a variety of proprietary custom products and strategically important chemicals for Gabriel's business. Gabriel Performance Products primarily services the intermediates markets for polymers and agricultural chemicals, and provides raw materials for the pharmaceutical intermediates market. The facility is ISO 9001:2000 certified and adheres to the ChemStewards Industry Standard for health, environmental, and safety quality.

Chemical Services Directory

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Reactions Directory/Types of Chemistries

  • Acetylenic Chemistry
  • Grignard Reaction
  • Heteroaromatic Chemistry
  • Olefin Metathesis
  • Organosilanes
  • Quaternization

Capabilities/Services Directory

  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Custom Synthesis » Inorganic
  • Custom Synthesis » Organic

Manufacturing/Toll Capacities

  • Bench/Lab Scale
  • Commercial Scale

Industries / Markets Served

  • Pharmaceutical


  • Storage Tanks


  • ChemStewards » Excellence Tier Site
  • ISO » 9001

Performance Improvement Awards

  • 2013 Silver Award – Resource Management and Waste Minimization
  • 2013 Educational Outreach Award
  • 2012 Bronze Award
  • 2011 Bronze Award
  • 2010 Bronze Award

SOCMA Member Plant(s)

  • Ashtabula, OH Plant , Ashtabula , Ohio , United States

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