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Baker Hughes Incorporated provides reliable, practical solutions when and where customers need to lower costs, reduce risk and improve productivity. From the reservoir to the refinery Baker Hughes creates value with high-performance products and services to analyze, drill, evaluate, complete and produce oil and gas reserves and then transport and refine the hydrocarbons. With more than 35,000 employees in 90 countries, local geomarket teams work side by side with customers to engineer reliable, practical solutions.

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Performance Improvement Awards

  • 2013 Silver Award – Stakeholder Communications
  • 2013 Silver Award – Product Stewardship
  • 2013 Silver Award – EHS&S in Planning and Operations
  • 2013 Silver Award – Resource Management and Waste Minimization
  • 2013 Bronze Award
  • 2011 Gold Performance Award
  • 2011 Silver Award – EHS&S in Planning and Operations
  • 2011 Silver Award – Product Stewardship
  • 2011 Silver Award – Resource Management and Waste Minimization
  • 2011 Bronze Award
  • 2010 Gold Performance Award
  • 2010 Silver Award – EHS&S in Planning and Operations
  • 2010 Silver Award – Employee Training and Engagement
  • 2010 Silver Award – Resource Management and Waste Minimization
  • 2010 Silver Award – Stakeholder Communications


  • UNILIN Alcohols - Based on proprietary technology, UNILIN™ alcohols are fully saturated, long chain, linear primary alcohols. Compared to other commercially available synthetic alcohols, UNILIN alcohols are of higher molecular weight, greater crystallinity, and higher purity with an 80% primary alcohol concentration. Linear alcohols are traditionally limited to C30 and lower, while UNILIN alcohols are available with average carbon chain lengths up to C50. A further attractive feature of the UNILIN alcohols is the relatively narrow 1.1 polydispersity (Mw/Mn).
  • CERAMER™ polymers are formed by grafting maleic anhydride derivatives onto hydrocarbon polymers in a manner that adds high levels of acid and ester functionality without significantly degrading the hydrocarbon backbone. Although these polymers have similar or higher acid numbers than oxidized products, they are much harder with higher melting points.
  • POLYWAX™ polyethylenes are fully saturated homopolymers of ethylene that exhibit a high degree of linearity and crystallinity. These synthetic waxes have narrow molecular weight distributions with a typical polydispersity (Mw/Mn) of 1.08. Product densities at 25 degrees C range from a low of 0.93 g/cc for POLYWAX™ 400 polyethylene to a high of 0.98 g/cc for POLYWAX™ 3000 polyethylene. In application, POLYWAX polyethylenes exhibit sharp melt point, fast recrystallization, low melt viscosity, excellent heat stability and resistance to chemical attack.
  • UNICID™ acids are long chain, linear primary carboxylic acids. With carbon chain lengths from 25 to 50 carbons, the product line offers a range of acid numbers and melt points. Low polydispersities (Mw/Mn) of 1.1 or less result in products with hardness and low melt viscosities. UNICID acids are approximately 80% linear carboxylic acids, the remainder being polyethylene to mirror the chain length distribution of the carboxylic acids.
  • Baker Hughes polymers offer additives to the plastics industry for all types of polymers and end use markets. We understand the plastics industry’s need to enhance the functionality of polymers in order to target specific end uses. Baker Hughes polymers materials can be used to provide performance advantages across a wide range of functions. Let us match our unique polymers to your needs.

SOCMA Member Plant(s)

  • Excellence Tier Site - Bakersfield, TX Plant , Bakersfield , Texas , United States
  • Excellence Tier Site - Barnsdall, OK Plant , Barnsdall , Oklahoma , United States
  • Excellence Tier Site - Baker Hughes - Channelview Blend , Houston , Texas , United States
  • Excellence Tier Site - Kilgore, TX Plant , Kilgore , Texas , United States
  • Excellence Tier Site - Baker Hughes - Bayport Manufacturing , Pasadena , Texas , United States
  • Excellence Tier Site - Rayne, LA Plant , Rayne , Louisiana , United States
  • Excellence Tier Site - Sand Springs, OK Plant , Sand Springs , Oklahoma , United States
  • Excellence Tier Site - Taft Acrolein, CA Plant , Taft Acrolein , California , United States

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