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AlzChem offers a full range of specialty chemicals based on "N-C-N" chemistry. In addition to cyanamide, dicyandiamide, guanamines, and guanidine sales, other heterocyclic derivatives and custom manufacturing are offered. By gas phase catalytic conversion, AlzChem produces aromatic & aliphatic nitriles for pigments, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Other lines include: Dyhard epoxy resin curing agents, and Creapure creatine monohydrate for sports nutrition. The NIGU Chemie subsidiary manufactures nitroguanidine and Bioselect grade guanidine salts for biopharm applications.

Chemical Services Directory

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Reactions Directory/Types of Chemistries

  • Ammonoxidation
  • Condensation
  • Gas phase reactions
  • Grignard Reaction
  • Guanyliation
  • Hetero-cyclic synthesis
  • Hydrogenation
  • Pyrimidine
  • Silylation
  • Triazine
  • Triazole

Capabilities/Services Directory

  • Contract Packaging
  • Order Management
  • Toll Micronisation
  • Toll Synthesis

Industries / Markets Served

  • Agrochemicals / Crop Protection
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Industrial
  • Metallurgy
  • Plastics
  • Polymers / Composites
  • Specialty Chemicals


  • NCN Chemicals stands for products with typical nitrogen-carbon-nitrogen bonds, a whole new range of which has been developed in Trostberg. Important applications are in agriculture (e. g. plant protection, growth regulators and multi-purpose fertilizer), in chemicals (e. g. pigments, active pharmaceutical ingredients and organic synthesis) and in the fit & active market (e.g. creatine).
  • "Fit & Active" covers the marketing of high-quality products for the production of cosmetics, life-style and sports foods, and food additives. [Main Products: Creapure® - the premium brand for creatine worldwide, made in Germany and Alipure®, the highly pure solvent-free form of Alpha Lipoic Acid.]
  • Products range for Plastics Additives. From Hydro energy to Wind Power: Our products, manufactured utilizing energy generated by our own hydro-electrical power plants are also used for the production of wind-turbines. As to this our dicyandiamide is used worldwide as an effective hardener for epoxy resins. The hardeners, accelerators and modifiers of the DYHARD® product portfolio, particularly when applied in plastics with high performance requirements, play a central role for the safe manufacture of high quality and sophisticated products. The variety of epoxy applications such as in the fields of adhesives, powder coatings, printed circuit boards and fibre-composites are then further applied in the automotive, windturbine and aircraft industrie, to name a few.
  • Fine chemicals: Cyanamide; Guanidine Salts; Dicyandiamide (cyanoguanidine); Guanamine; Nitriles
  • Metallurgy: Hot Metal Desulfurization - AlzChem provides all necessary products for hot metal desulfurization from one source: Lime, carbide and magnesium based hot metal desulfurization agents. Secondary Metallurgy - Also in this section AlzChem has a broad spectrum of products that influences the properties of the steel significantly, as for example calcium carbide, lime and Calzot(R).

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